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Hannah prefers to spend her time on the internet. Nina prefers to lose herself in great stories on the big screen. Hannah knows something about everything and Nina has several little obsessions that fade and relive over time. We're the blondie and the brownie and together we're two worlds in one. We both love cats though, and tough briefings. We thrive on the creative high and love the weird stuff.

Currently under the wings of TBWA. Creating work that actually means something.

Nina - 0654348320

Hannah - 0610032299

Metal, merit & pieces of paper


Young Lions Print - Shortlist


Young Eurobest - Competitors

Gouden Zaag - Nominee

Jongehonden Mentelity pitch - Gold

ADCN Talent - Finalist lamp

ADCN Side Project - Bronze lamp

Jongehonden 24H Pitch - Silver

Jongehonden Fairphone Pitch - Silver

Ra*W x Maybelline - Runner-up


Nederlands Film Festival - Nominee

WdKA Drempelprijs (social) - 2nd place

WdKA Bachelor Research Award - Nominee


LBBO - Uprising Dutch Creatives 

Marketingtribune - Shortlist Gouden Zaag

LBBO - TBWA expands creative department

Marketingtribune - 24H pitch

JuNiOr MaG - The Creative High

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