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The new generation of students is incredibly screwed. The inflation is higher than ever, the zero interest loan will disappear and renting student housing is insanely expensive. 

Bol is going to help these students out. How? With MeuBOL, the furniture collection for poor students. With the help of the iconic delivery boxes, students can fold their own stylish cardboard furniture. These pieces perfectly match your purchase. Did you order a TV? Then your box can be folded into a TV cabinet. Bought books for your studies? Then the box turns into a brand new bookcase. 

To finish it off, all boxes can be customised with prints, which are made in collaboration with upcoming artists. Why buy everything brandnew from IKEA when you can DIY it? Way cheaper, and sustainable.

Keyvisual MT Meubol.jpg
Keyvisual MT Meubol.jpg

ADCN Talent Finalist Lamp / 24H Young Lions NL silver x 24H pitch


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